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Rizwan Ahmed CPA explains Why People Fail to Take Action – And How You Can Change That

When faced with the opportunity to take action toward a dream, many of us find ourselves wondering how exactly to get started says Rizwan Ahmed CPA. Even when we know what goals are most important to us and where our strengths lie, actually following through can be quite another story.

Why do so many people fail at taking action? What is it that keeps them from doing all the things they want to do in life?

Here are some reasons for inaction, along with suggestions about how you can break out of your own pattern of non-action.

1) You Don’t Know Where to Start –

Many times when people set out on the path toward their dreams, they lack focus. They’re excited by ideas, but don’t put anything specific into motion. As a result, their ideas don’t lead to clear, solvable problems that are easy to tackle.

2) You’re not anxious enough about what you’re Afraid Of –

Many people are effective at taking action because they’re motivated by fear of something worse happening if they don’t get started or keep going. Maybe you can name your worst-case scenario for not bringing your idea into the world. Let’s say it’s living with regret over what could have been had you made a different choice in life. Or let’s say it’s simply knowing deep down inside that you didn’t do all you could do to make a real difference in a cause that matters to you. Use this worst-case scenario as fuel, and remember that you can always start over if need be.

3) You Don’t Feel Like It –

This is a tough one, but it’s real. Sometimes we want to do something, but we just don’t feel like it right now says Rizwan Ahmed CPA. We’re tired, or maybe we’d rather spend time with friends and family than work on our dreams. We’ve all been there; however, we’ve also noticed that when we wait for the “mood” to strike us before taking action on our ideas, feeling good about what needs to be usually doesn’t happen. When this happens again and again, it leads to giving up entirely on dreams that are important to us.

The problem here is not the lack of motivation itself, but how we respond to it. When we’re feeling unmotivated, the natural urge is to try harder or fight against those feelings of tiredness or laziness. Usually this backfires and we end up less motivated than ever as a result of pushing too hard. Instead, accept your feelings of listlessness and lack of excitement as you would any other feeling. Notice them; ask yourself what they mean and why they happen, and then trace their effect on your actions and decisions until something clicks inside you.

4) You Don’t Have Enough Time –

In today’s world, with its busy schedules and packed calendars, it’s easy to feel that there just isn’t enough time for everything you want to do in life. Many people turn to time management techniques and time-saving shortcuts to help them fit everything in, but will these tip the scales enough? Without a clear idea of what we want out of life it’s impossible to set priorities. If you’re not taking action toward your dream because you don’t have enough time, maybe you haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

5) You Have To Decide What You Want –

If you created a list of ten things that really matter to you in life, then examined each one more closely, would there be even more things on that list? At some point the sheer number of possibilities becomes overwhelming. That’s when people start considering all the pros and cons of each opportunity while continuing to wade in the pool of possibility explains Rizwan Ahmed CPA. This can become a never-ending cycle, and it also keeps you from taking action.

6) You Don’t Want To Fail –

Above all, believing that you’re going to fail at what you really want to do is the greatest deterrent to following through with your dreams. This fear manifests itself in different ways for each person, but there’s a common thread: people who don’t take action because they fear failure usually believe that if they don’t do things perfectly or succeed right away, their dream is dead and they should give up on it altogether.


Motivation, lack of time and feeling unmotivated are common reasons why people don’t take action on what matters most to them. In every case the solution is to stay calm and steady as you make your way toward a life full of living your dreams.

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