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Rizwan Ahmed CPA- Build Your Brand around Your Unique Selling Point

Here are some tips to build Your Brand around Your Unique Selling Point:

  • The market is flooded with products. Don’t get lost in the overcrowded marketplace again!
  • Plan your business model around your unique selling point to ensure brand successv says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.
  • You have a great idea for a product, but you need to present your potential consumers with a ‘unique selling point’. This is how you can make your product stand from the rest of the market and therefore differentiate it from competitors.
  • In fact, according to Neil Patel, successful internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Crazy Egg & Kissmetrics, “When I launched my first company, I did not know anything about unique selling points or USPs.”
  • However, he reveals that after talking to other entrepreneurs he realized they all had one idea in common – they knew what made their products different from others on the market. Thus came the term ‘USP’ into being. He then applied this knowledge when launching his second and third companies and saw the benefits straight away.
  • You don’t need to employ a team of business managers or marketing specialists in order to achieve this, however. You can build your own unique selling point through research. The best way is to keep an eye on competitors and see how they market themselves. This can be done by simply browsing their websites, reading their blogs and paying attention to what you like about them as well as what you didn’t.
  • For example, Neil Patel says that he changed his first company’s USP multiple times before settling on one that worked for him. However, once the company started doing well financially he then took a back seat from day-to-day operations and let go of control -a decision that led to his company imploding says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.
  • But Patel managed to bounce back and build a successful internet marketing business that allowed him to launch other ventures such as Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics. His first mistake was not surrounding himself with professionals who could help him market his business – something he says he would do if starting over again. He now only invests in products that have what he calls ‘defensible’ USPs, or those that are difficult for competitors to replicate.
  • However, the important thing is not necessarily how unique your selling point actually is but how you showcase it to consumers so they know exactly what makes your product stand out from the rest. Many entrepreneurs say their main goal should be communicating their message clearly and concisely. Patel says that knowing your USP is vital as it is the backbone of your entire brand and marketing strategy explains Rizwan Ahmed CPA.
  • “You need to let people know why they should buy from you and not a competitor,” he adds. “It’s this reason that keeps customers coming back.”
  • For example, if you own a café with particularly good scones, tell past patrons about it so word-of-mouth recommendations spread like wildfire and before you know it most people will be flocking to your door because of those delectable treats. That way you end up with happy customers who keep coming back for more.
  • But how do you actually go about adding a unique selling point to your product? The first step is identifying one in the first place: what makes it different from the rest of what is on offer? It could be that yours is cheaper than the competition, more eco-friendly or perhaps even healthier than similar items says .
  • Once you know your USP it’s time to plan how to communicate it. Will you display some sort of logo or slogan on packaging so people instantly know what makes your product stand out? Or will you write all about it on your website and social media platforms in detail so consumers feel compelled to buy once they’re convinced?
  • While this may all seem like a bit much just to get someone to purchase an item. Think about how much work goes into creating any successful brand. You’ve probably seen businesses that have spent years building up their brand image with customers through advertising campaigns, business seminars, website design and social media promotions. All of that work just to have people buys their products over someone else’s!


What about your own product? Is it truly unique or does it falls into the crowd with hundreds of others just like it? If you’re thinking about starting up a new venture. Then now is definitely the time to start planning out your USP says Rizwan Ahmed CPA. Then all you need do is communicate this message clearly across every platform possible. So potential customers know why they should spend money on your goods instead of anyone else’s.

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