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Rizwan Ahmed CPA: 10 Little Things You Can Do Every Day That Will Make You Happier

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

Here are ten daily habits that can help you be happier right now:

1) Gratitude.

In one study participants kept a journal every night for one week recording five things they were thankful for, which turned out to increase happiness for up to six months. You can also try keeping a gratitude journal every morning, writing down three good things that happened during the day before.

2) Exercise.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to make people happier, and even small amounts of it on a regular basis are linked with greater happiness than taking no exercise at all! If you don’t like exercising or just not very good at it, start off slowly and gradually work your way up until you finds something you enjoy doing enough to keep doing regularly. There’s an enormous range of options available so no matter what your interests or skills are there’s something out there for everyone!

3) Talking about positive events in the past/looking forward to positive events in the future.

Talking about positive events in your life (and anticipating even more positive events in the future) is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself and your life right now! If you can find someone to talk to it’s especially beneficial, but if not writing down your thoughts or simply thinking them will also help says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

4) Helping other people/feeling like you make a difference in other people’s lives.

Helping other people has been to make us happier than almost anything else. So get involve with volunteer work or just kind acts towards others on a daily basis! You’ll improve their lives while making yourself feel great too! It doesn’t matter how small you think your actions are, what counts is that you really take the time to help people.

5) Learning something new/being exposed to new experiences.

The more you learn about other places and cultures, for example, the broader your outlook on life becomes and the happier you’ll feel as a result. Traveling can be an enormously enlightening experience as well as fun, but if it’s not possible then reading books or watching documentaries will also do the trick! In fact, anything that gets you thinking about different topics. From those you’re used to will work wonders for your happiness levels.

6) Eat healthy foods.

Many studies have shown that a healthy diet contributes directly to a person’s overall wellbeing and makes them happier than a poor diet does so take care to eat nutritious, wholesome foods throughout the day explains Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

7) Do things you enjoy doing.

You probably have a lot of responsibilities but it’s important you also take time for yourself to do whatever makes you happy! If it’s watching TV, cooking, taking up a hobby or just spending quality time with your loved ones, make sure you put aside some time each day to do things that truly relax you and/or fill you with joy. You deserve it!

8) Getting enough sleep.

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Sleeping well is one of the most effective ways of increasing happiness levels over time because if your body doesn’t get enough restorative sleep it can’t function properly, leading to health problems and stress which makes you unhappy! Getting between 7-9 hours of sleep per night should be enough, but if you want tips on how to ensure the best possible rest try reading some articles on the subject or even talking to your doctor about it says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

9) Being grateful for what you have.

It might sound simplistic but keeping a ‘gratitude journal’ as mentioned above is an excellent way of increasing happiness levels because it serves as a constant reminder that life isn’t all bad, there are plenty of good things too! Another great way to feel thankful for what you have is simply by thinking about what would have to change for you to lose everything that’s important to you. Would it really be the end of the world if your house burned down or your family went bankrupt? What would happen if you were diagnose with a terminal illness? Thinking about what would have to go wrong before things got really bad is an excellent way of keeping yourself grounded so next time life feels overwhelming try reminding yourself how much worse it could be!

10) Letting go of mistakes/unnecessary guilt.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes but holding on to regrets and self-recriminations only hurts us further so think about whether what happened truly warrants this kind of thinking before letting go of all those negative emotions that are doing nothing except making you feel unhappy!


This list of things that make us happy is by no means exhaustive. But hopefully it’ll be useful to you in some way, shape or form! Life isn’t perfect but our happiness levels are completely up to us so remember this before you go rushing off into the world thinking something’s got to change before your life starts making sense again.

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